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ARCHIVE: Topics and speakers at #NDC17

In this page, you will find excerpts and video recordings from the presentations at #NDC17.

Video: Mike Walsh, Innovation.
Recording from #NDC17.

Mike Walsh, Tomorrow

CEO of the innovation agency Tomorrow.

Keynote: Designing your business for the 21st century

Mike Walsh is the CEO of Tomorrow, a global consultancy on designing business for the 21st century. He advises leaders on how to thrive in the current era of disruptive technological change. Mike previously founded Jupiter Research in Australia, and has also held senior strategy roles at News Corporation in Asia.

Mike’s best-selling book Futuretainment, published by Phaidon was the winner of the design award by the Art Director’s Club in New York. Mike will leave you prepared and inspired to transform the way you do business.

Video: Peter Bardenfledt-Hansen, Tesla, Disruptive technology’s impact on the future energy industry
Recording from #NDC17.

Peter Bardenfledt-Hansen, Tesla

As Director New Markets EMEA at Tesla, Peter Bardenfleth-Hansen’s core focus is to promote sustainable energy and to reduce Tesla’s global footprint. Since 2010 Peter has held various positions at Tesla, and he knows and fulfils the company’s mission and vision every day when paving the way for sustainable fleet opportunities, infrastructure, energy storage & solar.

Disruptive technology’s impact on the future energy industry

What does it take to mass produce an electric car? And will Tesla’s future products set new standards within other industries?

Peter Bardenfleth-Hansen from Tesla Motors gives a unique insight into how Tesla’s products have revolutionized the traditional car industry and developed a competitive future alternative for the car, as we know it today. Peter presents how Tesla’s disruptive innovations can affect other areas besides the car industry and whether Tesla’s business model could be the beginning of a new global sustainable energy concept.

Video: Stefan Hohm, City Distribution.
Recording from #NDC17.

Stefan Hohm, Dachser

Stefan Hohm is as Corporate Director Corporate Solutions, Research & Development responsible for the development of Dachser Corporate Solutions on a global level and for bundling the research & development activities of Dachser.

Stefan studied Business Administration majoring in Logistics. In 2015 he completed an Executive Master in Business Administration (MBA) at the IMD Business School in Lausanne. His professional roots lie within Dachser, where he spent time in several branches as General Manager and was also responsible for the development of the Warehouse Management System MIKADO at the Head Office in Kempten.

City Distribution is more than parcels to consumers

Have you ever wondered why the same truck, driven by the same truck driver, with the same destination, is stuck at the same place in the same que, day after day?
Due to the constant change in infrastructure within our cities and the megatrend urbanization, it is essential for logistics service providers to monitor distribution routes and implement new and sustainable technologies into their processes.

The majority of the discussions on this matter focuses on B2C parcel deliveries. However, research shows that the challenges with distribution into the city center also highly affect B2B deliveries and groupage service providers. Stefan Hohm expands this subject and introduces us to how we may be able to solve this matter in the future.

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Video: Anton Hagbergtransforming an online store into a marketplace.
Recording from #NDC17.

Anton Hagberg, Komplett Group

Anton Hagberg came to the Komplett Group in 2007 and is the Director of Komplett Marketplace. Prior to that, he held the position as Director of Komplett and Chief Commercial Officer. Hagberg has experience in different roles as sales, procurement and logistics at the Torp Computing Group (Itegra and, Santech Micro Group and Helly Hansen. Anton Hagberg is a graduate economist from the Norwegian School of Management BI.

Why transform an online store into a marketplace?

”The Nordic region’s leading marketplace” – is what Anton Hagberg, stresses to be the future goal for Komplett. This means that Anton has now initiated a transformation of the business that aims to turn it into an actual marketplace.

During this presentation Anton will share with us why he thinks that juggernauts like Amazon, eBay and Alibaba need a Nordic counterpart, and why he believes that Komplett has what it takes to join the marketplace industry. Furthermore, he will reveal the thoughts behind this ambitious goal and introduce us to the strategies and interim results that should make this transformation become a true success.

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Video: Claus Holm, Samsung.
Recording from #NDC17.

Claus Holm, Samsung

Claus Holm is Nordic Sales Director IM at Samsung and holds great experience in implementing innovative technology into our everyday life and thus raising the bar for logistics excellence.

The future of tracking technologies

The Internet of Things (IoT) has become a love-hate buzzword across all industries. Buzzword or not, the IoT technology is going to change the way we see tracking today. Using IoT based solutions and equipping physical objects such as vehicles and warehouses with data collecting sensors, tracking and documentation can become much easier and profitable in the future.

This is what Claus Holm from Samsung believes, and during his presentation he will share the initial results from different pilot projects, and his thoughts on how new and innovative IoT technology will help us monitor all transports and deliveries in the future.

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Video: #NDC17 Panel Debate.
Recording from #NDC17.

Panel debate

Anton Hagberg, Director of Marketplace at Komplett Group.
Palle Esbensen, Head of development & Logistics at
Andreas Thimour, CEO at Zimply Solved.
James Doyle
, Clothing & Home Logistics Manager at Marks & Spencer.

The panel met to discuss current and future delivery challenges. Each with their perspective they give their say on how the delivery industry must develop to meet the increasing demands from all sides

Video: James Doyle, improve customer experience through logistics
Recording from #NDC17.

James Doyle, Marks & Spencer

James has worked in supply chain and distribution from grass roots to senior management, consultancy and owner of an in-night distribution business. Working for some of the world’s largest Logistics organisations over 15 years James joined Marks & Spencer in 2015 and has not looked back. Holding a post-graduate and master’s degrees in International Management with a passion for high-integrity organisations, James draws on his experience in operations and commercial strategy to work with logistics organisations of all sizes to build collaborations that focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences.

How a superbrand improves customer experience through logistics

As the Clothing + Home Logistics Manager for M&S.Com, James Doyle comes to Copenhagen to share the insights into how Marks & Spencer are putting the customer at the heart of everything they do. Linking Logistics to the customer experience, the talk will share insights into how M&S has built a strong ecommerce business supported by a logistics network that provides flexibility and convenience.