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In this page, you will find excerpts and video recordings from the presentations at #NDC16.

Video: Bill O’Connor, Innovation.
Recording from #NDC16.

Bill O’Connor, Autodesk

Innovation Strategist at Autodesk, San Francisco, California, USA.

He is responsible for developing and evolving Autodesk’s innovation perspectives and programs, which include the Autodesk Innovation Genome project, a 10-year research project and an evolving innovation methodology. Bill has 25 years of experience managing projects at the intersection of strategy, innovation, technology, and design, living and working in New York, London, Boston, and San Francisco.

Keynote: Discovering the true DNA of innovation

Innovation is about making things better.
When helping organizations like Apple, AirBNB, Google and NASA create real innovation with a positive impact Autodesk base their work on data and insights from an ongoing research project that systematically examines the greatest 1,000 innovations in human history over the past 3.5 million years.

Building on this research, Autodesk has identified a previously undiscovered set of common characteristics among all true innovations, the “Innovation DNA”, that has led to the creation of a set of new innovation techniques.

Alongside with insights from Silicon Valley Bill O’Connor reveals the interim results of the Innovation Genome project and show us how prior innovations can be used as a resource for new innovations.

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Video: Thomas Kongsted, Damco, Delivering to the world’s trouble spots.
Recording from #NDC16.

Thomas Kongsted, Damco
Head of Special Operations at Damco. Thomas Kongsted is responsible for all special operations within Damco Nordics. The department includes Aid/Relief, Air Charter, Government Services & Projects. Thomas Kongsted is heading 10 specialists within each of Damco’s 4 covered business areas including operation, sales & budget.

Delivering to the world’s trouble spots

How do you transport military equipment from inside Afghanistan to Denmark? How do you deliver Aid & Relief cargo into the African hinterland? How do you transport textiles from Bangladesh to Sweden?

These are some of the challenges Damco faces on a daily basis when they handle deliveries for a wide range of customers across industries with varying complexity. It is not always the 7.000 miles ocean journey that represents the biggest challenge, but rather the inland delivery in complex environments that imply both political and physical barriers.

The last mile distribution and the final delivery is what makes the end2end planning come together.

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Video: Prof Fang, Logistics in China.
Recording from #NDC16.

Dianjun Fang, Tongji University

Professor at Tongji University and Chief Representative of Great China at German Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics.

Prof. Fang has done research, consulting and training in the field of logistics and supply chain management for thirty years, including logistics strategy planning, logistics system designing, logistics engineering implementation, factory planning, business process reengineering, planning for 3rd party logistics, logistics information planning, supply chain management and e-logistics. Till now, Dr. Fang has run numerous significant international and domestic projects, as well as written and published many technical literatures.

Logistics trends, opportunities and challenges in China

Fast-growing economy in China in the past 30 years leads to continuous increase of the freight volume, which is carried mainly (more than 76%) on road. More than 20 million freight vehicles and 30 million truck drivers are huge resources of the Chinese logistics sector.

The rapid growth of the E-Commerce sector in China is pushing strongly the development of the express and logistics service as well as material handling technologies. Chinese enterprises are technology-friendly and they are willing to use the newest and advanced technologies. But these technologies aren’t available inside China.

Huge areas and unbalancing economy are the main challenges faced by the Chinese logistics service providers, which need professional support of the Western partners. According to Prof. Fang there is great opportunities for European business to get more share of the fast growing logistics market in China.

Video: Allan Martinson, Starship Technologies, Disrupting the last mile with delivery robots.
Recording from #NDC16.

Allan Martinson, Starship
Allan Martinson is COO at Starship and he is the kind of person that make things happen. He runs Starship’s operations, marketing and public affairs. He is a multi-tasker who can rapid-fire e-mails, write commercial agreements and work his contacts over phone – all in the same time. A serial entrepreneur, experienced manager and venture investor, Allan has built over 10 companies in his 26 years of career.

Disrupting the last mile with robots

Starship introduces a revolutionary local delivery concept. With a combination of mobile technology, specially designed robots and a local hub system, Starship aim to make local delivery faster, smarter and more cost-efficient.

At Nordic Delivery Conference 2016 Allan will present the visions behind Starship and how they make new technology fit into a rather traditional industry.

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Video: Markus Kückelhaus, DHL.
Recording from #NDC16.

Markus Kückelhaus, DHL

Head of the global research and innovation activities of Deutsche Post DHL and is in charge of the DHL flagship Innovation Center near Bonn. He joined DHL in 2012 as Director Trend Research monitoring and leveraging trends with his team that will impact the logistics industry in the future.
His career history also includes positions as Head of Controlling for the biggest German DIY retailer OBI, Principal at CTcon Management Consulting and lecturer at the WHU Graduate School of Management in Koblenz as well as the Victoria-University of Wellington.
He studied Economics at the University of Bonn/University of Wisconsin and accomplished his PhD at the WHU Graduate School of Management in Koblenz.

Demystifying trends: How insights of today create the value of tomorrow.

Markus Kückelhaus reveals how DHL’s Innovation Center in Germany turns trend analysis into concrete business opportunities.

He will introduce us to the Logistics Trend Radar – a tool that shows all relevant trends for the coming 5-15 years and share his thoughts on how to generate business from new trends such as 3D printing, Big Data, augmented reality, unmanned aerial and self-driving vehicles.

Video: Graham Best, ReBOUND Returns.
Recording from #NDC16.

Graham Best, ReBOUND
Graham Best is CEO at ReBOUND. He has over 25 years’ experience in global supply chain solutions and is co-founder of the market leading managed returns company; ReBOUND – providing innovative cross-border returns management for the ecommerce industry

The Returns Revolution!

Until recently returns have not had much air-play. Increasingly, due to aggressive cross-border growth plans, fashion brands in particular are now realising that they need to up their game for a much smarter return experience.

Graham will attempt the 5 slide challenge to discuss the journey that ReBOUND has taken over the past 3 years. This will be an honest account of his learnings working closely with major UK brands to create the market leading returns solution which is available today.

Building a returns solution can only take you so far. This session will ask the audience to forget “reverse logistics”…Think ahead to the future of online returns!

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Video: #NDC16 Panel Debate.
Recording from #NDC16.

Panel debate

Anna Kirah, Chief Experience Officer at Making Waves.
Bill O’Connor, Innovation Strategist at Autodesk.
Markus Kückelhaus, Head of Global and innovation activities at DHL.
Sandrine Lagrost
, Industry Segment Marketing Manager at UPS.

The panel met to discuss current and future delivery challenges. Each with their perspective they give their say on how the delivery industry must develop to meet the increasing demands from all sides.

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Video: Anna Kirah, People centric apporach to the futute.
Recording from #NDC16.

Anna Kirah, Making Waves

Chief Experience Officer at Making Waves, a digital consulting company based in Oslo, Norway.

Anna is an internationally acclaimed design anthropologist and psychologist who has worked in corporations such as Boeing and Microsoft, and consulted with customers in a wide variety of sectors including software development, advertising, transportation, logistics, retail, banking, and public services.

Much of Anna’s work relates to the impact of the digital lifestyle on companies and organizations and the subsequent changes in how we meet the demands of the people we serve. In addition to Making Waves, she sits on the board of Design Without Borders which applies the people-centric approach to solving challenges in developing countries.

A people-centric approach to the future

Businesses today are facing radical transformation and new conditions must be taken into consideration when developing the future of delivery.

Anna Kirah will show us how a people-centric approach to delivery is becoming one of the most crucial elements of your brand, as well as how it can fit  into your value chain.
It’s all about making complexity go away and giving people along the value chain great experiences!

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